Time for schools again!

Summer is almost done and we are all sorry to hear that, also I’m sure that you are trying to forget as much as I’m that school will begin in 2 weeks. With this in mind then comes the necessity of getting all the tools and supplies to be ready the first day, and the question… Continue reading Time for schools again!

Make your old computer work!

Computers have evolve through the time, every year there is a new component that comes out to the market to make them faster or better,  but at the same time to make them more expensive, so an interrogative comes to my mind, what would happened to those who does not possess the enough money to… Continue reading Make your old computer work!

Iphone 5s Screen Replacement

Since Iphone  5s came out to the market we have ear many things about its performance and the design and functionalities, but we know that as any other cellphone they can brake pretty easy, also this devices are not water resistants (except for the new Samsung Galaxy s7 but we will talk about it on another… Continue reading Iphone 5s Screen Replacement

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