Iphone 5s Screen Replacement

Since Iphone  5s came out to the market we have ear many things about its performance and the design and functionalities, but we know that as any other cellphone they can brake pretty easy, also this devices are not water resistants (except for the new Samsung Galaxy s7 but we will talk about it on another moment) what make them vulnerable to any kind of contact with this precious liquid, what bring us to todays post. Almost a month ago I got am Iphone 5s for a screen replacement, the phone had water inside the screen and for such reason the touch as well as the screen did not work, the job was not to hard but it is in fact delicate, I order this after market screen from Laptops Screens, this is a website that has stores in different places like United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom, they ship the parts to worldwide but depending on how close you are to the nearest store and what kind of shipping you pay is how fast you will receive the product. This product is a really good one, it has been working perfectly well since I go it fix. If you are interested, they sell a variety of other products so you can find the website fallowing this link: Laptop Screens

Here is the video if you want to have a look of what this product looks and works like. Hope you enjoy it and be helpful

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