The truth behind Apple

Apple, a company that for many years had dominated the market of smartphones and that its popularity extends to the countries where mostly a cellphone is still part of the future. Over the last couple of weeks many people have been arguing about the truth behind apple updates, do they really slow down your old… Continue reading The truth behind Apple

How would the new IPhone 8 look like?

Have you hear the rumours yet? Yes I’m talking about the new IPhone 8 that will come this Fall. Recently this week many youtube channels and blogs, including those tedious stories on Snapchat have started to show images leaked by an Apple app developer that found what would be expected on the new IPhone by… Continue reading How would the new IPhone 8 look like?

Iphone 7 red edition

For a long time Apple has been releasing a iphone red edition of their most and unique  phone, this time they are releasing Iphone 7 and 7+ Red Edition. What is different about this phone?  Well, pretty much nothing, it has the same specifications as any iphone 7 and 7+, the only difference is this… Continue reading Iphone 7 red edition

The future robots of our homes

Since technology came to place, we see in all movies that the future will be dominated by robots, this CES 2017 brought us a lot of ideas on the topic. Today we are going to review five of this amazing robots that will bring a new perspective to the homes of the future. Robots you… Continue reading The future robots of our homes

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Best technology products and advances of 2016

The year 2016 brought us a numerous amount of new technology products and advances, some of them more visible and known than others, but still, almost every month we got a new product release. Today we are going to recall some of the best technology products and advances on 2016. Most notable releases on Laptops … Continue reading Best technology products and advances of 2016

Find your keys with Magic Jelly bean keyfinder

Magic Jelly Bean Key finder Find your keys before you reinstall your applications and OS Today we are going to do a quick review to “One of the better free key finder programs that are available on the internet. Magic Jelly Bean Key-finder” In my search for a good program to find the serial key… Continue reading Find your keys with Magic Jelly bean keyfinder

Time for schools again!

Summer is almost done and we are all sorry to hear that, also I’m sure that you are trying to forget as much as I’m that school will begin in 2 weeks. With this in mind then comes the necessity of getting all the tools and supplies to be ready the first day, and the question… Continue reading Time for schools again!