Make your old computer work!

Computers have evolve through the time, every year there is a new component that comes out to the market to make them faster or better,  but at the same time to make them more expensive, so an interrogative comes to my mind, what would happened to those who does not possess the enough money to buy this new computers? Well, there is an easier solution, what if you buy the right parts to make your old computer work with the new components.  For example, you have a old motherboard, the hard drive connection is IDE and suddenly your hard drive stopped working, you need to get a new one but there is just a couple places like Amazon or EBay that you can find them, but wait, are the price for those HDDs(Hard drives) much expensive than the new ones? And the answer is yes they are! So what can I do to make my computer work and not have to expend hundreds of dollars in a new computer? Well today we are going to find out what we can do to save a lot of money.

There are many versions of the component that we are going to talk about, but I found the one that we will be discussing today one of the best and cheaper one according to internet reviews and approximately to my own. The product is an IDE to Dual SATA converter as show in the picture; it is made by Start Tech and it main function is to connect 2 SATA HDD to an IDE motherboard or card. The installation process is really easy:

  1. Find the screws that hold the left side cover of your computer and remove them, then slice the cover to the back (make sure the computer is sitting over the right side cover when removing the left side)
  2. Find the Hard drive and the IDE port, normally at the right side of the computer close to the front panel.
  3. Remove the screws that hold the hard drive on place, normally there are 4 if so you will need to do the same process to remove the right side cover as you did for the left side
  4. Take out the HDD and remove the cable from the IDE port on the motherboard, the ports can have different colors depending on the company that made it but there are normally black, white or blue, there you should find 3 IDE ports, any of them would work, just make sure you don’t take the CD Driver cable instead of the HDD
  5. Insert the IDE to SATA converter in the IDE port and make sure to hear a click( there is a specific position for the holes and the pins to match up together)
  6. Connect the power cable to the converter and the other side of the power cable to a power cable from the power source.
  7. Then connect the red cable to the SATA port on the converter and the other side of the cable to the hard drive and that should do it
  8. Close everything and start the computer and it should work.

 If you want more information or a more detailed version just watch the video on YouTube channel JTechClass. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, we will do everything to answer on the less amount of time possible.

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