CES 2017. What this year bring to us

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CES 2017

CES 2017 promise to bring an incredible amount of new cool technology for homes, cars, cellphones, beauty and even more. Here is a pic of some of this new technology:

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Concept i

Concept i is the new car of Toyota that will do everything for you, don’t worry about driving anymore, this car will do it for you. Just is to recall that this is right now the biggest Toyota project and it wont be release this year, but they are giving a couple of years for it to be on the streets.

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Samsung QLED TV

Samsung QLED TV  gives the same image no matter what angle you look at it. One cable to connect all your devices to it. Created with a new designed QLED technology that increases the quality of the image.


This are some of the new features that have been shown today at the first day of the CES 2017 event. If you want to watch it yourself, do not miss this opportunity, click this link to watch it live:

Watch me live!!!!!!

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