Best technology products and advances of 2016

technology products

The year 2016 brought us a numerous amount of new technology products and advances, some of them more visible and known than others, but still, almost every month we got a new product release.

Today we are going to recall some of the best technology products and advances on 2016.

Most notable releases on Laptops 
surface Book
Microsoft Surface Book

An amazing 2 in 1 laptop, with the power of Windows 10 and the latest hardware available on the market, touch screen and a metallic case- keyboard that protects this device from braking in pieces as plastic laptops do.

Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID

The great big update of Apple to their Mac Book Pro line, not a lot of people were happy with this new version (upgrade) of the Mac Book Pro, the true is that the biggest changes of this great Mac were:

  • The new Thunderbolt USB port that is capable of transfer information up to a 40 GB/s (Gigabytes per second)
  • Touch ID, which many other laptops in the market already had (HP, Asus, Dell, and many other business models of laptops),
  • The useful touch bar
  • Biggest touch pad, because the one on the model before was not big enough.
Some of 2016 best Tablets
IPad Pro 97

Apple did not want to get behind anyone else and released the iPad Pro 9.7″, this one brought in True Tone display that corrects the screen colors depending on the conditions you’re currently in.

It’s also the first iPad to have a 256GB storage option, which may be expensive but means you’re going to struggle to fill your slate full of media and apps like you’d probably do on a 32 GB iPad Pro in a couple of days.

Sony Xperia Z6 Tablet

This was the new tablet release of Sony, as this company likes water so much it was to expect that their new tablet would be water resistant, with a more premium design and as usual the growing Android OS.

The best 2016 cellphones
IPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple’s dual camera, big screen phone is a winner
  • Gorgeous water resistant design
  • Dual camera
  • Iterative design
  • Could be too big for some people


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung could not get behind Apple and came out with they so famous now Galaxy S# Series, this time Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, including water and dust resistant phone with a more dynamic design on the phone, hiding back the camera.

The returned feature of increase the phone capacity with  Micro SD card, feature that was out of the Galaxy Series for about 2 years. The edges that started on the S6 Edge version and Note Series gave Samsung the “I can do cool stuff” popularity allowing their users to install any kind of widget for the edge of the phone notifications, although many of this widgets need to be paid.

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

But we cannot end the year phones review without mentioning the new Google smartphone the: “Google Pixel and Pixel XL” This phone came to market almost at the end of the year.

Google wanted all the attention at the time of releasing this amazing phone, powered by Google and Android 7, the latest Android version with the latest functionalities.
Personally, this is an amazing phone, and with it Google wanted to give to their users even more than just a phone, that is why with the phone comes an unlimited space of storage on Google Cloud or most known as Google Drive.

Technology advances on 2016

We have seen some of the most known products of 2016, although these are not all the new technology advances we had, a quick mention of them would be:

  • First 1 TB SD Card
  • First Amazon Package delivered by drone
  • A breakthrough in lithium-metal batteries could double efficiency
  • Carbon nano-tube transistors outperform silicon for the first time
  • Dust-sized sensors that can be implanted within the body
  • SolarCity opens Buffalo facility, Tesla opens Gigafactory 1
  • Eternal nano-structured data recording
  • SpaceX landed a rocket vertically in the ocean
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Google’s Tensor Processing Unit Pushes Machine Learning, Beats Go Champion

At the last 2016 was a year full of technology and success, many new product and advances that will help to continue the road through the Internet of Things (IoT).
There is nothing else to do that hope that in 2017 we can see even more amazing products with quality and stability. There is nothing else to say today than wish you all a great new year 2017.

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