Change your IP address on Windows 10

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IP addresses are the way that computers use to talk to each other, without IP addresses computers wouldn’t be able to exchange information and per consequent you would not be able to access your beloved internet service, and enjoy this post that we bring to you today.

Many times you will notice that your internet connection is not successful, if you have checked everything and notice that other devices on your home network are able to connect to the internet service provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) then the problem is mostly on the IP configuration that your computer has (this is assuming that you have already checked that your computer says connected to the network and the no cables are missing)

Verify your network connectiviy

Most of ISP (Internet Service Providers) wireless modems network range goes from –, which means that your computer would mostly get an ip address with a number between and per most ISP basic modem configuration)

if you want to check if your ip address is correct fallow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + R (on windows Operative System)
  2. Type cmd
  3. Press the Enter or Return key, you should get this
  4. Enter ipconfig on the black scree, you should end up with something similar to this image:

If  you call your ISP for support because your computer does not connect to the internet there is a high possibility that the Tech Support person will ask you to do the steps above, and they will ask you for the IPv4 Address at the end of the dots.

Config static or dynamic IP Address

Now lets get to the main point of this post, how can you statically set or change to automatic get and IP Address.

To do so just fallow the next steps:

  1. Go to Windows run by pressing Windows Key + R
  2. Enter Control Panel
    run to Control Panel
  3. Once in Control Panel Select Network and Internet
    network and internet
  4.  On next screen select Network and Sharing Center
    network and sharing center
  5. After you click network and sharing center you are going to get a new screen select Change Adapter Settings
    adapter Settings
  6. After this screen you will change to a new one with where the network adapter will show up, this screen can have more than one adapter depending on your computer, but you should see something like the one in the picture
  7. Double click this adapter and you will get a new windows as fallow:
    adapter config window
  8. Click on Properties, this will open a new window with different options as in the picture:
  9. Double click Internet Protocol Version 4, a new windows will pop up:
    IPv4 Address Config
  10. If you select automatically, the DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (The service that gives your computer an IP address)) will assign all the correct information to your computer allowing to connect to the internet, if you want to manually configure the IP address you will need to know the ip address of the router(modem) on your network and the DNS(Domain Name Service) server.


We have seen how to configure a static IP address or how to set it to obtain and IP address automatically, also we have cover in not deep details some more advance topics like DNS,DHCP. If you still have questions about this topic or would like to get more information you ca leave us a comment.

Remember to share this with your friends if they are having the same issues, also check our DNS post

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