Installing Ubuntu Server on Hyper-V


Linux is one of the best tools or OS(Operating Systems) that you could learn in this days, most of the servers running around the web are Linux based, even the best to hack is Linux. For that matter today we are going to learn how to set up and Install Ubuntu Server on the Microsoft Hyper-V.

Before we can go anywhere we need to learn about the history of Linux a little bit, I’m not going to bore you with 2 pages of history and facts, I’m just going to mention the most important features.

1- Linux is based on Unix (we could talk about it on other occasion)
2- It was created by Linus Torvalds from here such name
3- Its open source, so you don’t have to pay for it
4- It’s command line based, but you can install a user interface (Desktop)

This tutorials are not going to tech you how to hack, but how to set up a Linux environment and learn how to use its command line, the same command line that scares so many and makes them want to use windows instead.

In this video we will learn the first step, installing the Linux environment.

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