Iphone 7 red edition

For a long time Apple has been releasing a iphone red edition of their most and unique  phone, this time they are releasing Iphone 7 and 7+ Red Edition.

What is different about this phone? 

Well, pretty much nothing, it has the same specifications as any iphone 7 and 7+, the only difference is this red version will only come on 128GB and 256Gb

Why is it so special then?

Simple reason, this is a red Iphone with a white color on the front, but that is not the most special about it, with the purchase of this Iphone Apple will send a contribution to the Global Found.

What is the Global Found?

It is an organizarion that fights against HIV/AIDS by helping people through counselling, testing and providing medicine to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to her unborn child.

Apple has been an active partner of this organization for 10 years now and always contribute through they RED products.

Is this all Apple is bringing? 

No, Apple wants to conquer the market again and thats why they are also launching the iphone SE one more time, but now on 32GB and 128GB capacities, this is the only difference with the old Iphone SE

Where can I get this products?

If you live in Canada, it will be available as soon as March 24th of 2017 in all retailers as BellRogersFidoBellMTS

For pricing information please visit retailers websites. 

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