Kodi, the free television solution

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend, today we bring to all of you a new tool that is becoming or has become really popular on internet to watch free tv shows and more. We are going to talk about KODI.

Kodi is a tool that will allow you to watch tv shows, sports and much more for free on pretty much any kind of device. Today we a re going to see what advantages it brings, how to download it and what systems it is compatible with.

First, we want to know what advantages it brings to us right?

Well the most advanced one and the only one we all want, stop paying the cable company. With Kodi you can see any tv show and movie that is released for free.

Second, How to donwload or where to download this awesome tool?

What systems or devices is it compatible with?

Here are all answares.

Windows: Installer
Linux: Guide
Mac OS X: Installer
Android: Google Play
or APK install: ARMx86

iOS (jailbroken): .deb file


Raspberry Pi: Guide

Other embedded devices Downloads | Kodi

Other devices:
BSDFreescale IMX6more…


Installing Kodi is like installing any other program, you just click Next all the way trough and check Run Kodi at the end.

Now Kodi does not comes with everything installed on it, so if you wanna watch the latest of the latest you will need to install add-ons, here is the guide to get the most used add-on EXODUS

Install EXODUS

Hope you can set this up, if you have any questions remember to leave a comment or send a message in our Facebook page. Have a great day and enjoy this new tool!!!!!!

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