Find your keys with Magic Jelly bean keyfinder

Magic Jelly Bean Key finder

Find your keys before you reinstall your applications and OS

Today we are going to do a quick review to “One of the better free key finder programs that are available on the internet. Magic Jelly Bean Key-finder”

In my search for a good program to find the serial key of the computers I had to reinstall Windows and some version of office and other programs i came to find Magic Jelly Bean Key-finder. This is an awesome tool that is very simple and easy to use, but as every single thing in this world it has its pros and cons, we are going to start with it pros:


  • šProduct keys are found immediately – nothing to “run”
  • šSoftware package is very small making for a quick download
  • šMultiple options available to save product key (so you won’t lose it again!)
  • šFinds product keys for many software programs, not just Windows
  • šThe Windows registration information (local only) can be easily changed
  • šIf you have the proper network access, you can identify the product keys on other PCs remotely
  • šAllows save files as .txt, .csv (.txt means text file)
  • Allows to print


  • šMJB Keyfinder may incorrectly appear as a virus or Trojan to some antivirus programs
  • šProgram tries to get you to install needless software during installation
  • šDoes not find your Microsoft Office 2010+ product key
  • šNo portable version

So if we compare the pros vs cons of this program we will get to the outcome  that its a common program that will not do anything magic, it will only save you the time of going through all the registry entries on your computer for you to find the keys for you.

If you find this program useful here is the link to the official download website:

Click to Download Magic Jelly Bean

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