How would the new IPhone 8 look like?

IPhone 8 prototipe

Have you hear the rumours yet? Yes I’m talking about the new IPhone 8 that will come this Fall.

Recently this week many youtube channels and blogs, including those tedious stories on Snapchat have started to show images leaked by an Apple app developer that found what would be expected on the new IPhone by looking around the new IOS 11 firmware.

Today JTechClass wants to talk about this rumours and new features as we are as excited as you about this release.


Lets begin talking about one of the most important one for most of us, the new screen.

The leaks showed that the new IPhone will have a screen that will cover the hole front of the device as the new Galaxy S8 does, altho this one will have a little bezel on the top for the hear speaker, camera and other sensors.

here is a picture leaked:

IPhone 8 Screen leak

As we can see there is the small bezel on the top of the screen that will allow the screen to be cut in to 2 pieces and will display the coverage on one side and the battery status on the other.

Now you may be thinking, and what about the home button? will it be like the one on the IPhone 7? Well it looks like there wont be a home button for this version.

Face Recognition:

On the new features leaked for the new device there is one that references to the IFace, IFace looks like is going to be the new ITouch as there wont be a home button on the new device where can you rest your finger to get your finger print scanned?

IFace will be able to scan your face even in the dark with new technology implemented of infrared on the front camera.

Now this could be a security risk as we can refer to the Samsung new here Galaxy S8 being able to unlock the device with a photograph.

Wireless Charging:

It seams like finally the wireless charging will be coming to the new device. We know, Android devices have had this feature for years now, but for us IPhone fans this will be great news.


The camera in the Iphone 7Plus is already dual, and it looks like the new device will have the same feature as the Iphone 7 camera based, but this time as meany cases for the new device have been released looks like the new dual camera will be aligned vertically instad of horizontally.


if you wan to know more about this leak you can visit this video on youtube.

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