IOS 11 review almost one month latter


IOS 11 have been out for almost one month now, well… not almost a month but close. In this time I had the opportunity to check it out on my phone and here are some of my personal impressions about it:

What is IOS?

For those of you that do not know what we will be talking about here:
IOS is the software or Operative System that runs on IPhones and IPads, is like android for Samsungs devices, is only a software running on a device.

Now lets get to it!!!!!!!!


I really don’t know what the heck the Apple design teams was thinking about when they designed IOS 11. All the beauty of the past years disappeared in the blink of an eye.

One of the most emblematic parts of the IOS design was the cellular signal with the circles instead of the bars and now is gone.
It has been replaced with this stupid bars that I personally don’t like, although I get why they changed it, and is all because of the new IPhone X and the splitted screen at the top.

Dial up interface

Other of the things I hate the most now is the new dial-up interface

Can someone please tell me what is this about, this grey background on the numbers?
I really don’t know and I bet there is more people out there that thinks the same.

I know what you think, Javier you are only complaining on this post, and yes you are right I’m.
Is just I don’t get why they had to this to a beautiful designed interface.

Now lets see some of the good parts of the design

…….. nope, did not find any lol just kidding, there are some design patterns that did not change and I’m happy about those ones.

An example is the new settings menu, now we have more option on the settings making it easier to access some of the functionalities.



I haven’t have the opportunity to test this new IOS version on an IPhone 7 or 7 Plus, so I’m basing my opinion by the overall performance on an IPhone 6s.

  •  After almost one month using the new IOS 11 release I have noticed that the battery on this phone runs out way faster than it used to on IOS 10.
  • Apps lock at open time or closing time, when pressing home button to return to home screen
  • While browsing through the different home screens and the quick access center it freezes in between screen.

Now let me mention some of the good parts of this new release:

  1. If you are into snapchat and bitmoji a lot, well now you have the augmented reality functionality that allows you to have your bitmoji drinking coffee on a table or dancing.
  2. File system: With IOS 11 a new file system was developed that is supposed to save you on storage space and the new Files application that allow you to see the files on …. wait for it! ICloud only!!!! (another of the stupid apps that you can have)
  3. Camera software now is better

After all, the new IOS 11 have had so many issues that there has been already 2 in about 15 days after launch and I say this because :

IOS 11 Last Update


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