Time for schools again!

Summer is almost done and we are all sorry to hear that, also I’m sure that you are trying to forget as much as I’m that school will begin in 2 weeks. With this in mind then comes the necessity of getting all the tools and supplies to be ready the first day, and the question which are the best devices that I could buy for and affordable price for this year at my college or University that will allow me to be more efficient? comes to our mind. Well  today JTechClass brings a short list of the best devices that you could get in Canada from low to high price.

Best tablets or portables devices for schools this year

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-pen: This is a wonderful tablet with 9.7 inches of screen that allows multi touch and if you are planing to onto make sketches and do some handwrite it comes with the S-pen created by Samsung so you wont have to spend more money in a new pen. It comes with android 5.0 and 16GB of storage but can be upgraded to a 128GB with a microsd.
  2.  Ipad mini 2: This Ipad is old, I bought one a couple days ago and sincerely I did not like it. The processor is slow and the tablet some times took a little bit of time ti download apps and open them. Also I had to contact apple to get the free apple apps like Numbers, Pages, Garageband, IMovies, and Keynotes, it will take around 30 minutes to receive a redeem code so you could get those apps free. The pros is that is a small and square screen of 5.7 inches, other than that it will do the same jobs as the Galaxy Tab A that we talked about before.( $309 cad at Apple for Universities) this Ipad does not comes with a pen, any of them do, for that matter you will have to pay extra for a pen
  3. Ipad Air 2: This is an extraordinary 9.7 inches of screen with a beautiful resolution that will allow you to enjoy videos, games and more, apple has a big selection of books that you can get on Ibooks, this digital books are the best solution if you are buying textbooks because they cost half of the price that you would pay for a paper one, also with this tablet you can access to a thousand of applications, I also had this Ipad for a couple of days and I fall in love with it but sadly I had to return it because it cost $587 cad for a 64GB, so I bought it just to make this post and be sure of what I was talking about.
  4. Microsoft Surface: Well, the Surface from Microsoft has come to the market to make the difference in the tablets world, with a variety of sizes and hardware properties you can get the tablet that is most alike to the Mac Air, the Surface has a touch screen and the Surface Pro comes with a keyboard and a Surface pencil. I love this tablet, it comes with windows 10 and office 365 free for a year. The price of this tablet is high but considering its quality of it I recommend it.

There are more options out there that you can get for a low price but this four are the ones I would recommend to any one for this school year, all this devices will allow you to go anywhere and keep your books with you so you can study on the go. Have a great day and a

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